Sovereign Learning Tuition and Fees

$3,300 for the year and a $300 registration fee. Payments are $275/mo. for 12 months (starting 6/1) or $330/mo. for 10 months

$10 for each early Drop-off (before 7:50am) and late pick-up (after 3:40pm)

$15 for a 45-60 minute course (paid in advance)

​$30 for a day of curriculum study (paid in advance)

$50 for spring testing (paid in advance)


All three curricula incorporate varying degrees of Christian influence and worldview, self-teaching, and liberty.

Ron Paul Curriculum

​ Dr. Ron Paul created his curriculum using specialists in their field of expertise and the homeschooling community.  This curriculum is similar to the Robinson Curriculum in that both use original sources and greatest classics.  The Ron Paul Curriculum uses more technology to motivate and teach students.  Students will use YouTube videos, WordPress, and various websites for learning. 

The costs for the Ron Paul Curriculum are $250 for tuition and $50 per course for grades 6-12, and free curriculum for grades K-5.  Please see the Ron Paul Curriculum for complete details.

Click here for a sample of a home school course

Having a computer is necessary for this curriculum.  Parents need to provide a laptop for their child to work on at the institute.  All printing must be done at home.

This would be a great option for a student who uses technology.  Can you visualize your child as an entrepreneur, businessman, economist, inventor, advertiser, craft or tradesman, artist, etc.?  This may be the program for your child.

Robinson Curriculum

Dr. Art Robinson designed this self-teaching curriculum from the greatest writers in the English language. 

The cost for the Robinson Curriculum is $195, and $275 for the Robinson Curriculum and the G.A. Henty Collection.  The recommended Saxon Math is $69 per course.  The curricula cover 12 years of education.  Please see Robinson Curriculum for complete details. 
Bringing a computer to the SLI is not necessary for this curriculum. You can print out the curriculum at home and have your child bring the material to the SLI and study.

This would be a great option for a student who is motivated, determined, and willing to reach the highest of knowledge and academics.  Can you visualize your child in the fields of medicine, engineering, law, science, academia, etc.?  This may be the program for your child.

Liberty University Online Academy

Liberty University (LU) offers an online academy for 3rd grade through 12th grade, which is an accredited home school program.  LU provides a Christian curriculum that will help students enter college with the accreditation requirements that many colleges seek. 

The cost is approximately $495 per subject, and grades can be applied for college credits.  Please see Liberty University Online Academy for complete details. 

This would be a great option for older students who need to finish courses before entering college or students who want credit toward college. In addition, parents who want the curriculum and teachers accredited would find this program necessary.

A computer is necessary at SLI to use this curriculum.  All printing must be done at home.

Other Choices
There are vast curriculum programs available.  Please see additional websites for further options.
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Mises Academy

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Hillsdale College

Cato Institute


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"The average private school tuition in Gwinnett County, GA is $6,909 for elementary schools and $8,267 for high schools." The Cost of Sovereign Learning Institute is $3,300 per year and a $300 registration fee. Costs can be spread out to $330/mo. for 10 months or $275/mo. for 12 months.



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