Founder, President, & Principal of Sovereign Learning Institute, Inc.

Dr. Todd C. Clark was born and raised in The Quiet Corner of Connecticut. At the age of 13, Todd accepted the free gift of Jesus Christ after hearing the testimonies of several reformed convicts at a 4th of July gathering.  The former prisoners shared how God transformed their lives and gave them peace.  Todd was moved by their stories and embraced Jesus Christ.  Education was a bit of a struggle for Todd growing up and he was put into a special education class for two hours a day from elementary through middle school.  Todd refused to be in special education classes in high school and struggled through many of his courses.  Nevertheless, he received the Who’s Who Among American High School Students award for the years 1984-85 and 1985-86, and finished high school by attending summer school in 1986.  The only reason Todd completed school was his involvement in music, sports, and church.  Without these three interests, he may not have graduated.  Higher education was rarely talked about in the Clark household, and for the next 12 years after high school graduation, Todd dabbled in an eclectic array of blue-collar occupations. 

After enduring two major operations, Todd decided to attend Liberty University to establish a challenging career in education.  He felt he needed to use his brain rather than his body to succeed in life.  Liberty University made a positive impact on Todd, teaching him to study effectively, think critically, and solve problems decisively.  In 2002, Todd graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) degree with teacher licensure (P-12) and received the National Collegiate Education Award (2002) and the All-American Scholar Collegiate Award (2002).  

After graduation, Todd packed up his family and moved to Georgia to teach general music to children in grades K through 5.  He taught in DeKalb County Public Schools for three years.  From 2005 to present, he has been working in the Gwinnett County Public Schools teaching music to an average of 1,350 to 1,950 students each year.  After five years of teaching, Todd decided to pursue a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree for Administration and Supervision (P-12) with licensure.  He became grade level chairperson for several years starting in 2009, and immediately pursued an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in Teaching and Learning (2010) and a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree in Teaching and Learning (2014). 

Todd recognized the benefits of self-study starting in 2007.  His masters, educational specialist, and doctorate degree programs were self-study programs that encouraged self-discipline and achievement.  There were opportunities to communicate with fellow students and professors through discussion forums and emails.  He learned more through research and seeking answers on his own than he ever did sitting in classrooms and listening to lectures.  Todd understands the struggles and problems in the educational system, and has found many solutions to academic and spiritual success through Sovereign Learning Institute, Inc.


Dr. Todd Clark meets Dr. Ron Paul and his lovely wife Carol at the 2012 Supporters Summit sponsored by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute

















Dr. Todd Clark meets Judge Andrew Napolitano at the 2012 Supporters Summit sponsored by the Ludwig Von Mises Institute 


Once Sovereign Learning Institute, Inc. is established, SLI will reach out to individuals and groups who wish to establish similar programs. SLI will provide templates and strategies to launch home school programs all over the country.   SLI would like to provide support to parents who are able to home school their children. Parents may wish to participate in music, art, and P.E., or need facilities for meetings and activities. 

The Board of Directors for Sovereign Learning Institute, Inc. are Dr. Todd C. Clark, Dr. Jeanne Fanning, and Mr. Kenneth DeGeus.

Dr. Todd C. Clark is the founder, president, and principal with 14 years of teaching experience.  Dr. Jeanne Fanning is a director with 37 years of teaching experience.  Mr. Kenneth DeGeus is a director with 20+ years of teaching experience.

Sovereign Learning Institute, Inc. was established as a non-profit organization in the state of Georgia on August 06, 2013.  We received 501(c)(3) status on May 28, 2014 (retroactive 8/6/13).  SLI has leased space from the World Life Church at 495 S. Perry St. Lawrenceville, GA 30046 and looks forward to starting school in August.  We welcome parent and community input.  SLI will reach out to businesses, organizations, and foundations to help lower the costs for tuitions and fees.  We will offer advertising to businesses and groups that support SLI financially including website advertising and various printed materials.  SLI will seek grants to support students and educational programs.  Any knowledge in educational grants and writing grants are encouraged to contact us for assistance. 

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